What is wakeboarding, kneeboarding, or cable skiing?

We know that there is a host of water sports, but you may not be familiar with all of them. That is why we want to dedicate this post so that you can get to know some of the most important concepts. What is wakeboarding? How is it different from kneeboarding? What are we talking about when we talk about cable skiing?

To clarify any queries you may have, we are going to teach you in a simple way what these water sports consist of, which we remind you that you can do with the help of an instructor at Caribbean Lake Park.

What is wakeboarding?

First of all, what is wakeboarding? If someone has told you about going wake up, they are talking about a water sport, a mix between snowboarding and water skiing. The word "wake" in this context refers to the wake left behind by the board in the water.

In this case, the wakeboard is propelled by a motorboat. You can go wakeboarding on the open sea with a boat, or in a cable park. In the latter case, the wakeboard does not have fins, which allows modules to be made. The waker must hold on to the handle of the rope, which will allow him or her to manoeuvre and make different types of jumps and manoeuvres, depending on the speed and the wind.

What is Kneeboarding?

Let's go with a different water sport. Kneeboarding is a drag sport, in which a board similar to a surfboard is used to surf the waves, but is pulled by a cable that is hooked to a boat.

The surfboards that are used are a little shorter and narrower than conventional ones. They are also thicker than standard surfboards. Kneeboards often have specific grips and fastenings for the knees, so that you can be in the most suitable position and maintain control while "riding the waves".

The way to stand on the board is in a kneeling position. Here it is very important to manage balance and coordination so as not to fall into the water. You must factor in the wind and the centre of gravity where you are going to place most of the weight to keep yourself as stable as possible.

What is cable skiing?

Cable skiing is what is known as the classic discipline of water skiing, where instead of going on a board you carry skis while being dragged by a motorboat. Cable skiing is also the name used for facilities where there is a cable system that allows for wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and other water sports without the need for a boat.

In this water sport, you have to wear skis and hold on to a stick to travel on the water and slalom to avoid the different obstacles. It is a very exciting sport, in which you are going to release a lot of adrenaline and you have to be very focused. In cable skiing, you have to wear a helmet and skis on your feet to be able to do this sport with maximum safety. You can reach high speeds and you will have to test your skills steering yourself on the water.

In cable skiing, you must hold the pallonier and stay crouched as if you were sitting on a chair. You should also keep your back straight and try to keep your balance. Normally in slalom, we will move in a zigzag, trying to avoid obstacles, just like in skiing. If you jump from a springboard, you will be able to reach a great length. Speeds of up to 58 km per hour can be reached.

Discover the best cable skiing in Punta Cana

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