Which are the best wakeboard brands?


Discover the best wakeboard brands. Quality and performance. Find the best wakeboards and accessories to fully enjoy this water sport.

Which are the best wakeboard brands?

To do wakeboarding, it is very important that you have a board that is right for you. There are many brands of wakeboards. In this post we would like to tell you about some of the most important ones.

Although you can find all the right equipment at Caribbean Lake Park, many want to buy their own wakeboard, so we encourage you to take your first steps and see the different options you have.

If you are just starting out or have never done wakeboarding before, we highly recommend that you try it out with us at your water park in Punta Cana before buying a wakeboard.

Best wakeboard brands

This is a very famous company, founded by Herb O Biren. In general, their boards are very refined and have a high resistance to landing impacts. You may know this brand from celebrity endorsements like Rusty Malinoski, Canadian wakeboarder and first to successfully land a 1080 º in competition, and Shaun Murray, four-time world champion wakeboarder.


Se trata de una empresa muy famosa, fundada por Herb O Biren. Por lo general sus tablas son muy refinadas y tienen una alta resistencia a los impactos en el aterrizaje. Quizás conozcas esta marca por el patrocinio de algunas celebridades como Rusty Malinoski, atleta canadiense de wakeboard y primero en aterrizar con éxito un 1080º en una competición, y Shaun Murray, cuatro veces campeón del mundo de wakeboard.

Hyperlite is undoubtedly an industry benchmark, and its boards are compact and excellent value for money. You will find boards for all levels, from professional riders to beginner boards.


It is undoubtedly one of the most recognized brands in wakeboards. As you can see on their website, they have all kinds of boards and accessories, always with a unique style and design that make them especially comfortable.

One of their main features is that they offer high-quality boards, with a personalized touch. You can find models for the whole family, both adults, and children.

Some of the wakeboarders who have endorsed them are Adam Errington, Chad Sharpe, and Danny Harf.


The CWB Board Co. brand is another of the wakeboard brands that have the most presence in the industry. Its boards have an exceptional custom design, allow excellent traction, and have great durability and resistance. They are pleasant to press down on thanks to their soft and flexible touch.

Its wide variety of technologies allows CWB to continue to grow and offer increasingly attractive tables and exceptional results. It has a wide variety of boards for wakeboarders, and we are sure that both experts and beginners in this water sport will find that they have an option for them.


Obrien's wakeboards are designed for the whole family. It is a board manufacturer with more than 50 years of history. Their prices are extremely affordable, and their boards stand out for their high quality and performance on the water. Its products range from wakeboards the highest quality to inflatable wakeboards.

Obrien's boards are designed for maximum customization, helping users optimize their performance and combat their weaknesses during the drag.

Liquid Force

Another of the leading brands in the world of wakeboarding. It was founded in 1995 by Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmond. It is a brand that stands out for its great capacity for innovation; it has developed lightweight boards that are excellent value for money and help improve the riders' experience in the water.

In this brand, you will not only find excellent wakeboards but also all kinds of accessories and equipment to do this sport.

Slinghot Sports

The Slingshot Sports wakeboard brand stands out for its wide range of products, among which you can find both wakeboards and surfboards and all kinds of accessories for this sport. It is a brand that seeks the most perfect combination of design and technology.

Slingshot's graphic technology and its extraordinary innovative capacity are among the key aspects that allow the benefits of its boards to stand out .


An international brand, with years of experience, renowned for manufacturing wakeboards at the highest level. It was born in 2006, by the hand of Scott Byerly.

This brand uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture boards of extraordinary strength and performance. One of its innovative features is the wakeboard which allows the edge to sit on top of the water.


Another of the brands that cannot be omitted is Jobe, a firm that makes all kinds of products for water sports. Among them are also excellent wakeboards, accessories, and equipment to do this sport.

This brand comes from the Netherlands and was founded in 1974 by skier Frank Jobe. It has very low prices, although its value for money is not at the same level as other leading brands such as Ronix or Hyperlite. It later gained new momentum thanks to the purchase of the rights by Sport & Recreatie Den Bol B.V in 2008, which has allowed it to continue growing.

At Caribbean Lake Park we hope that you can buy your wakeboard and continue enjoying this water sport to the max.

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